Friday, March 30, 2018

The Blank of Six Years

It has been a long time.

My last post was in a long-ago November of 2012. In that regard, I think I've failed as far as what I hoped to do in keeping up with it.

Between finals for my classes in grad school and mounting frustrations with the most recent season of D&D Encounters at the time, I had to start slimming down my focus to what was really important. For good or ill, the increased length of each Encounter session for the season caused the summaries to be at least double, if not more, the usual amount of writing involved to recap everything to the degree I found acceptable.

This mixed with our run of rather regular attendance shattering apart into insanity made it very difficult to piece together any form of a coherent ongoing story. Ultimately, that time was better spent on my classes and as I rolled into my final semester of grad school in the Spring, staring down my Exit Portfolio, I simply lost touch with working on any content for here.

So much has changed for me in the RPG hobby and I imagine a good part of my postings in the near future will be devoted to chronicling all the lost time. Obviously, I tapered off with writing up Play Reports on the games I had been running. It seemed that with each passing season of Encounters it became harder and harder to tell even the vaguest semblance of a story with the frequent dropping in and out of players. At best, I mostly would have been writing what was already available in the module, so in that respect, it seemed a pointless effort without the color added by character actions.

I'm not sure if, going forward, how much I will write play reports; I suppose that rests upon catching that spark of inspiration. However, I do want to continue this blog for musing/original content on all the various RPG's I take an interest in along with the hobby in general; if nothing else. Thus, my personal goal is to at least post something once a week; every two weeks at worst.

As a postscript to where I was when I abandoned posting here, I did manage to wrap up my final semester and obtained a Masters in Library Science; which is an achievement I'm pretty proud of. Of course, being an RPG blog what's more important to anyone stumbling by is likely the actual RPG-related stuff. So I figure there is no better way to jump-start things here again than to talk about what I've been up to for the last few years in the realm of RPG's.

The next few entries I post will all fall along that line giving a sweeping recap of where my interests have been, what games I have played/ran, so on and so forth.

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